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Abnormal Semen Analysis

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Request an appointment Make an enquiry. Usually, higher numbers of abnormally shaped sperm are associated with other irregularities of the semen male infertility abnormal sperm as low sperm count or motility. Treating male infertility ICSI treatmentor Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection, is usually recommended for couples where male infertility is a problem, especially relating to the number or quality of sperm produced. It is believed that excessive heat can effect sperm production. Dietary supplements or vitamins have not been shown to improve sperm morphology or fertility. However there are a number of treatments available to help a couple make the best of sperm quality as it is, and achieve a pregnancy include: Male infertility abnormal sperm has not shown a clear relationship between abnormal sperm shape and tobacco, alcohol, or caffeine use, though some studies suggest that smoking male infertility abnormal sperm impair fertility. This condition can be a side-effect of bladder neck surgery, diabetes mellitus or alpha-adrenergic drugs. A fertility specialist can explain your options and help you choose the best path for you. Jacksonville Website Design Fisher Design.

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