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Genetic Welfare Problems of Companion Animals

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Manson Publishing Ltd, London. Cocker spaniel Fred, an active dog who loves to chase deer and squirrels in the field behind his home, was about five years old when his owner, Dick Moreau, noticed that his pet had been shaking his head and scratching his ears. As chronic otitis externa progresses, any associated infection commonly spreads, in time, through the ear drum to affect the middle ear otitis media. That's what I did with information I got when I first started out. It was down in Houston about 30 years ago when I took my Cocker Spaniels to our quarterly vet visit to fix the ears again! The hair underneath the opening to your dogs cocker spaniel ear problems canal can grow quite thick and can often clump into mats, unless it's brushed every day. An otoscopic exam sometimes yields clues. Be careful not to get any boric cocker spaniel ear problems on your skin or clothes. Saridomichelakis et al

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