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Anapola Mushkadiz - Battle In Heaven (2005)

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Marcos guilt is so extreme that it leaves him like a shell, just wandering around. Their story was so large it filled the universe it told of a Great Mother encompassing life, death and return of everything. Marcos is very quiet through-out, and we have to dissect what he is thinking through the atmosphere and that's what keeps the movie from being boring. Like us on Facebook Follow filmbizarro. Marcos and his wife were in need of money and decided to kidnap a baby for ransom, but the baby dies. Inanna represents lifes powerful contradictions. It's all about the atmosphere and nudity in battle in heaven in this film, even though it deals with heavy subjects. This is a scene that also comes back in the end of the movie, making a very important scene in the movie. And in a lot of the cases it's true, they're just any drama or whatever genre nudity in battle in heaven happen to have explicit sex, most likely to raise a few eyebrows and get attention. When Neolithic farming people settled, and depended on plentiful crops

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