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The series ended with Arsenal battling Slade for control of the team and the Titans ultimately disbanding and Arsenal taking Jericho under his wing, leaving Slade alone once again. Archived from the original on November 6, Cry for Justice 5. In the series' first story, Trigon makes a series of attacks on every member, former or current, of the Teen Titans and Trigon has "another child" that, unlike Raven, will assist teen titans group in his attack. Wolfman wrote a series of New Teen Titans drug awareness comic wife has husband suck dick which were published in cooperation with The President's Drug Awareness Campaign in Not willing to give up hope on their teammate, the Titans track Teen titans group down and convince her to rejoin the group. The Titans are nearly defeated, but manage to escape thanks to an intervention from the newly resurrected Isis. This led into Titanswritten by Devin K. One thing the Teen Titans series has always tried to do is relate with the youth of its respective time period. Robin and Wonder Girl eventually rejoined the Titans now located in San Francisco, California and helped foil Bombshell's plan to frame Miss Martian as Deathstroke's latest mole in the team and allowed Raven to cleanse Jericho of the Azarathian corruption that had turned him evil.

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