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Why Do Cats Lick Each Other?

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It is not uncommon to see cats biting why do cats lick their fur hard-to-detangle knots or getting their teeth in between their toes. They do so both to identify them as members of their family as well as warning others that this kittens are part of their territory. If you do notice that one of your cats licks another intensely in the same spot, it is perhaps a sign they need a medical check up from the vet. Like any trust exercise, it opens them up to being vulnerable and it is something which may not necessarily happen why do cats lick their fur. It can also be a physical display of the confidence in each other some cats feel when together. One of them is simply to strengthen the bond between two or more felines. Keeping reading AnimalWised to understand why do cats lick each other and see if it is more than just vanity. It does so by leaving a trail of saliva when they lick themselves.

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