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Help R. Kelly To Swear Properly

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Sylvester and Twan notice a peculiar odor in the house. Just as he opens it, the video suddenly stops and the narrator exits out of a closet and, breaking the fourth walltells the audience r kelly midget video the man, hiding in the cabinet, is a midget. Chapters 2333 ", SplitSider. Meanwhile, the r kelly midget video turns his car back around, concerned for Gwendolyn's safety. The two men run and end up hiding behind a garbage bin. Chapters ". After James' constant roughing up on the midget, Bridget runs upstairs where she pulls out a number from her purse. The first 22 chapters of the Trapped in the Closet series have been released via VEVO and can be viewed for free as the videos are ad-supported. Sylvester and Gwendolyn begin laughing at the entire situation. Because Chuck has it, it has possibly been passed to Rufus, to his wife Cathy, to Sylvester, and to Gwendolyn.

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