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I try to be strong and as independant as possible during the day, but at night I roll over and submit to my SO, letting him use my inner broken and subservient self to make him feel good, at least physically. I don't mean hitting, i like being dominated during sex choked, or whatever outside of the bedroom, but general dominant behavior him taking the lead, him making the decisions etc. Older romance novels are "rape-lite" for just this reason. I am not a whore, I am a Queen, and I submit to only one man, the King. Theres actually a website called smartbitchestrashybooks. I just want to be hopelessly, uncontrollably, endlessly wanted. I think it also explained those feelings of i like being dominated during sex most people have after having orgasmed to certain porn. Minority users are encouraged to answer the question as it applies to themselves.


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