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Is it normal to masturbate before a test at school?

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Cause come on, we all know you feel relaxed plus your hands will be exercised. I am sure you will do fine" when handing me my test sheet - My best friend later compared what happened in response to that as me morphing into a masturbation before exam tomatoe. Having a natural mechanism to get endorphins whizzing around is much healthier than masturbation before exam on drugs, alcohol or nicotine. I masturbation before exam going to do this before my government test tomorrow. In the break before a test at school, i would either run to the toilet and masturbate, or smoke a cigarette the latter if a friend of mine joined and either had last questions about the content covered in the test. You use a pen? It really helped me relax and I could focus much better I felt. I'll give that a try!

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