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Playing With Fire Lyrics

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Cause we like her And we like her too And we like her And we like her too And we like her And we like her too And we like herr And she like us too. Director Chair Yea and that's a wrap Cut, On to the next, Lil wayne hey pussy to the next scene bitch the next check Some say the x makes the sex-pects So play with the pussy or play pussy So you got so many diamonds hey pussy lay pussy You wear all the finest clothes go or die say pussy and I say And your grill is shining lay pussy lay pussy lay pussy As you're driving down the street of gold hey pussy But you cant blame me If I set this stage on fire hey pussy don't play pussy Get em'! Mama always told me I was crazy My hoes say I'm amazin' but I don't listen to lil wayne hey pussy lady But the bitch say I'm hot and I say no bitch I'm blazin' Like what the fuck you expect I'm a muthafuckin' Cajun Lil wayne hey pussy I feel caged in my mind its like my flow is doin' time I go crazy inside lil wayne hey pussy when it comes out its fine like wine Wait Watch See I get better with time like a watch Posh spice husband Couldn't kick it like I kick it bitch I kicks it No cereal like a land and I sticks it What ever she asks me after she licks it That's too explicit but why you listenin' I smell smoke and somethin' sizzlin' That's her pussy so hey pussy play wit pussy lil wayne hey pussy play pussy But you cant blame me, If I set dis stage on fire! Playing With Fire by Lil Wayne. Un I lil wayne hey pussy a long haired thick red bon Open up her legs then filet mignon that pussy I'm a get in and on that pussy If she let me in I'm a own that pussy Go'n throw it back and bust it open like you 'posed to Girl I got that dope dick Now come here let me dope you You gon' be a dope fiend Your friends should call you dopey Tell 'em keep my name out they mouth if they don't know me Huh But you can't come and tunecha I'll fuck the whole group Baby I'm a groupie My sex game is stupid My head is the dumbest I promise I should be hooked on phonics Haha. I ain't being disrespectful baby I'm just being Millz And I don't know how fake feels so I gotta keep it real I just wanna fuck every girl in the world Every model every singer every actress every diva Every house of diddy chick every college girl every skeezer Stripper and lil wayne hey pussy desperate housewife that resemble eva My role model was will So married boy I'm in the milf It don't matter who you is miss You can get the business Haaaa. Wayne] Oh yes I love her like I ought too I see you at the alter mrs. Toggle navigation Welcome Guest. What does this song mean to lil wayne hey pussy Pas encore inscrit sur Booskap?

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