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Its Mike me and Sam in the same room um and everyone was going to karma the first night at the shore and I wasn't going I was going to just stay at shore house and sleep when Mike was jersey shore erotica ready I suddenly burst out wanna have sex he just chuckled and photo of nude sikh girl downstairs and jersey shore erotica for the cab CABS ARE HERE I heard Mike yell then I heard the door shut and someone jersey shore erotica up the stairs I figured it was Sam coming back to get her purse so I didn't bother looking up but it was Mike he took off his shoes and climbed under the cover then I took his lips into a passionate,slow,wet kiss then he swiped his tongue along my lower lip I let him have access to my mouth then our to guess fought for dominance mine won then my toungue explored the crevices of his mouth then as much as I didn't want to we had to stop and catch our breath" I thought you were going clubbing "I told him. He was the best bottom Ronnie had ever had. Ronnie kept thrusting, working up a sweat and watching Mike do the same. Ronnie x Mike what happens when Ronnie admits his feelings. I'm definitely a slut for you. Plunge your massive thick dick into my tight hole. He had his hands on Mike's waist, and pulled him in with each thrust, pulling his juicy ass further down his shaft each time. Streams of Ronnie's jersey shore erotica cum flowed over the curves of Mike's amazing ass, as Ronnie shouted out fuck in his deep, masculine tone, his hips bucking as every drop of cum pumped out jersey shore erotica his throbbing cock. Sammi came back and Mike got spooked relax Mike Sammi knows about me so she will be surprised and happy for me now.

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