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Hazuki offered her help in getting the two together and things went silly after that. Love has eluded Shiraishi Hentai hot teacher throughout his life and working as a teacher limited his opportunities, but love has finally arrived thanks to one of his students Inagaki Sae. Our faceless hero or he just has long bangs? Pretty x Cation is a collection of stories involving a group of people madly in love. Surprisingly, Samin Class is very tame considering the theme of the hentai is sex through hypnotism containing only basic rape with no gangbanging. I guess he hentai hot teacher turned on after seeing that masturbation break in between classes. Daisuke Uehara is plump chubby slut fucking young teacher who landed himself a teaching career to one of the hentai hot teacher prestigious schools in Japan. Sae and Asami are great girls who are madly in love with their sensei and for once, no blackmail and raping. One piece of advice:


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