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Sylvester then begs Bridget and James to put their guns down, to midget cat video they adamantly refuse. Rosy gets mad at Randolph and calls him by his middle name, Douglas. The scene then switches to Roxanne's confessional, where she talks about how ungrateful Tina is being and that the argument isn't over. Stunned at the news of Roxanne and Tina being lovers, a frustrated Sylvester points his gun at the both midget cat video them, but soon stops midget cat video of his tolerance to lesbianswhile Twan kept egging him to shoot them. When an angry Rufus demands Cathy to finish their conversation, Cathy shuts Gwendolyn up and tells her she was the "ho" that had been with Sylvester. Unbeknownst to him and from the looks of a nervous Bridget, it becomes clear another man is still in the house. When Cathy asks Rufus who was on the phone, Chuck, who can be heard accidentally on speaker phone, cries out for Rufus, which angers Cathy and the two argue before Rufus sends Cathy out to deal with the situation. The scene opens to O'Dale and Myrna's voicemail and eventually fades into the middle of the voicemail box where the narrator Kelly says, "and now the rumor. The two of them then get into the car. She also states she will be coming onto the Out midget cat video the Closet show.


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