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Monster Hunter World Weapons: which weapon should you choose? All 14 types evaluated

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The axe form as superior reach and mobility while the two-handed sword form is all about dishing out huge amounts of damage. Take the lance above and add a big old gun to it. Every Great Sword will have most things in common, for instance, but stats, affinityelemental buffs and so on will vary from weapon to weapon. This weapon is built up around charge and release — first you build up energy in your spirit gauge, and then you let rip some brutal and cool-looking attacks by spending that earned energy to power up and buff attacks. The final light category weapon in Monster Hunter World is one fist mh sword oh spec those of you who prefer a bit of range in your combat — is the fist mh sword oh spec bowgun, which is the most nimble of the ranged weapons. This is a high damage weapon with a long range and a higher ammunition capacity — and you can even use it with a shield, which somewhat makes up for how it lowers your ability to move around. You even get fist mh sword oh spec keep the shield — but there are upsides and downsides to this configuration. Lance If the sluggish speed of the greatsword is a little too much for you, the Lance is an ideal alternative.


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