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The aim of this incision is to release the tension of the sphincter. Incontinence was defined as the inadvertent passing of flatus or faeces and faecal soiling was defined as the staining of underwear with rectal discharge. Addition of Internal sphincterotomy to open hemorrhoidectomy is an effective method to reduce post open post op for anal fissure and hemorroidectomy pain without significant morbidity. In each visit DRE was performed and enquiry was made about pain, post op for anal fissure and hemorroidectomy soiling and flatus bi sexual orgy videos faeces incontinence. When the pressure is too high, anal fissures are unable to heal. However, results were within normal limits. Anal canal pressure remains mostly higher in younger patients due to tight internal sphincter high tone than the older people. There were 50 patients 25 in Gr-I and 25 in Gr-2aged 24 to 50 years. A Randomized Clinical Trial. From Gr-II; as late complications, faecal soiling was present for 3 weeks in 1 patient and impaired control of flatus was present in 2 patients for days.


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