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HT1250 Programming for Ham use help

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This is the block header for the FDB. Ht1250 ls amateur programming of how to do the hex editing of the code plug from a HTls Ht1250 ls amateur programming cable connects directly from the RIB to the accessory connector for programming, tuning, and flashing the radio. You will need to adjust the checksum bytes for this. When using the docking station serial port the radio will "lock-up" and require the cable to be disconnected to be programed. Can you post a screen shot of the settings you made to get your to work on your local repeater? The same info applies for sex slut in kassala portables as is above for the mobiles. Re-flash both radios together, using the normal ht1250 ls amateur programming upgrade method, following the normal Motorola instructions. I have the newest version of CPS, and I have the new Mototurbo digital radio version for the newest radios from Motorola.

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