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The Three Types of Legitimate Rule

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In order to make this definition more useful in the study of history and society, Weber suggests domination as an alternative, or more carefully defined concept. This is a more routinized form of rule, with "contractual relationships between leader and subordinate. For example, various forms of dress associated with the workplace can become convention, or even be enforced as rules. In Weber's explanation of webers types of legitimate domination, this traditionalist domination "rests upon a belief in the sanctity of everyday routines. On edge domination numbers of graphs. Sydie notes that "the power of the patriarch is a personal prerogative. Click here to edit contents of this page. Right now, what the country needs explanation of webers types of legitimate domination a unifying leader who must exhibit both political will and charisma, one who can bring about social and political cohesion in the pursuit of public interest. Where people develop uniform types of conduct, Weber refers to this as usage. Strategic triangle handout v0.

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