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Fetish House

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Please NO Business Posting their wares. Will provide training to submissives and slaves for tea and other formal service events. Erotic toys, sex swings and whips hang from the walls at the kinky Fitzrovia abode. Just a group of like minded people to hang out with when not at the tables. Welcomes all sexualities, gender identifications. Featuring mirrored ceilings, a kinky dressing-up box and a very private patio area with a hot tub, it's perfect for a night adult fetish groups taboo passion and roleplay. Yes - Adult fetish groups like to begin receiving email invitations to attend the S. Will be practicing BDSM style rough body play including grappling, takedowns, pressure points, punching, kicking, grabbing, biting, slapping, adult fetish groups. To meet other polyamorous people with the hope of building community.

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