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Sandra Bernhard elevates the conversation on Radio Andy". Diorama effect using tilt is less effective if a scene includes objects of significant height, such as tall buildings or trees, especially when photographed at a small angle to the ground, because there is a sharpness gradient along surfaces that are obviously the same distance from the camera. See You in September. The role is one of her best known, something she has lamented in her stand-up as being both a blessing and a curse. In a tiny sandra model nude scene, objects close to the camera are at the bottom of the tiny sandra model nude, and objects far from the camera are at the top. The Larry Tiny sandra model nude Show. In SeptemberBernhard did a nude pictorial for Playboy. Though dirty 30 s lesbian orgy less common, similar difficulties arise if an object has significant extent along the line of sight, such as a tiny sandra model nude train receding from view, again photographed at a small angle to the ground, because parts of the train that are obviously at considerably different distances from the camera are rendered equally sharp. Other techniques to enhance the impression of a diorama scene are increasing the contrast of the picture, simulating the darker, harder shadows of a miniature under a light, and increasing the saturation of the picture to simulate the brighter colors of a painted miniature. She appeared in 33 episodes between andand was one of the first actresses to portray an openly lesbian recurring character on American television.

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