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I went to a spa near Goslar in Germany. In onsens hot spring and sentos public baththe sexes are generally segregated these days, although coed nudity can still be encountered in a minority of settings. That sketch is pretty much the German spa in a nutshell! Yes, it's really bizarre and kind of intimidating, but it gets better. I paid one editor to read it and she responded by talking about how saunas can create so much weirdness and that I should take the story in a sexual direction. I have never seen so many penises in my life, just swinging around nonchalantly. There wasn't a bad seat in the house women nude in spas, despite the fact that the spa got more crowded as the day wore on, I never had to women nude in spas for a seat. Not only did he tell us off, but he got up off his bench and walked directly over to us to do so.

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