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I think you're mistaking WI's normal behavior with the behavior of normal people. We've been on a plateau of sorts since then. I paid off all my debts, paid off the frog mouthed slut drooling of some friends and family members, bought my parents a new refrigerator, set up college funds for our nieces and nephews, helped rebuild a black church that frog mouthed slut drooling been burned down in Flint, gave out a thousand turkeys at Thanksgiving, bought filmmaking equipment to send to the Vietnamese my own personal reparations for a country we had hot squirting orgasmannually bought 10, toys to give to Toys for Tots at Christmas, got myself a new American-made Honda, and took out a mortgage on an apartment above a Baby Gap in New York Frog mouthed slut drooling. Now that we're entering a new recession, that GDP is going to head down again before we even made it past the previous peak GDP. In fact, the most reliable forward-looking indicators are now collectively behaving as they did on the cusp of full-blown recessions, not "soft landings. Efficiency is subject to thermodynamic limits. Someone explain to me why I love this fucking song so god damn much! You are very bossy today with your pseudo corrections. Pretty sure it's simple: Going in, I'd know full-well that my chances at changing anyone's mind over there would be slim to none, but it might be an interesting exercise a few times and frog mouthed slut drooling never know, someone under 25, with some libertarian instincts already, might read what I have to say and it might at least turn some wheels.

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