want a cool girl in gisborne gives to the poor welfarethen isn't the government like Robin Hood?! If this was a traditionally published book, then it would be a different story. I recently watched the first season of the Robin Hood series that was a lot of watching all at once! No, she was just as much of an ass as he was.">

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The Tempest: A Gisborne Novel

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Jun 16, M. It actually went a bit further then the series in giving want a cool girl in gisborne depth to Guy's character that helped me understand his dark and brooding nature. There are lots of hot sex scenes which I found to be very well written, and the underlying tenderness between the two as they struggle to face obstacles from those who want to keep them apart pulled at my heart strings. This was worse than twilight! To me, Guy still came out as a bad guy and Robin was never oral sex yubes long enough to be a real villain. I loved every word this author wrote, and then some! Dont waste your time or money. And I would want a cool girl in gisborne remiss in not letting you know that sensuality in the first book is OFF the charts and it will definitely appeal to many romance lovers.

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