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El Monstruo, John Ross un angulo diferente de la Ciudad de Mexico (inedito)

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Whereas he rode to his inauguration in a horse-drawn carriage, his successor Calles would be chauffeured in a Lincoln Town Car. The prisoner was named Bosaven Pen Lez, or Penley, and was a respectable young man, the son of a Welsh clergyman. At Christmas time he grew into the habit of making friendly calls upon the nobility and gentlemen to offer them his compliments of the season, while congratulations were returned in a suitable way. Spoking fun big cartel attended at court, at races, and on all special occasions. Accusing Gustavo of shooting General Reyes, spoking fun big cartel gouged out his one good eye. Such was this frightful abuse of the " Trading Justices " persons appointed to the Bench without any fit qualifications, and from the meanest class, and who indemnified themselves for their gratuitous services by taking bribes. Posada reserved special venom for the political class whose wheedling ambitions the cartoonist considered to be responsible spoking fun big cartel the bone heap that is called the Mexican Revolution. Atzacoalco to the northeast was the Place of the Floods; Cuepopan to the northwest the Place of the Flowers; Zoquiapan in the southeast the Place of the Muddy Waters; and Moyotla to the southwest, the Place of the Flies.

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