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Online consultation

Our Health Care Specialists will help you to understand deeper your blood pressure results. Speak freely with professional doctors without appointments,  just message your personal doctor and receive professional feedback just using blood pressure monitor app.



E-mail your daily medical summary to a doctor or anyone else via your personal blood pressure monitor app.



Won’t miss even a measurement with free blood pressure monitor app!

iOS Health Kit Integration

Tracks and safely stores your daily blood pressure and moral well-being, symptoms, mood, weight, body mass index, heart rate by using your blood pressure monitor app.


Track and Analyze

Comprehensive analytical charts! Informative and easy to use! Use free blood pressure monitor app!


Store your Blood Pressure history in a safe place by using free blood pressure monitor app!

Blood pressure monitor app

Online Consultation

Just Submit your question and rest assured that you will consult a Doctor easily. Once you submit the question, the Doctor f will reply you. You can always ask more questions or add details with follow-up question options and make it an online doctor chat by using blood pressure monitor app. You may use this service for getting medical second opinion.

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Blood Pressure Monitor is made only by Healthcare providers and Only for You.

This application is created by Health4Pals together with leading medical professionals. Our main goal is to service everyone with a full-scale health care assistant and complete supervisor of your health.

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You can be assured to get personalized, detailed scientific answers, explanations and expert opinions from experienced Doctors. Common reasons behind consultations are to understand medical condition, diagnosis, treatment options or alternatives and recommendations for future
therapeutic considerations. Just by using free blood pressure monitor app!

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